Independent Peer Assist and Peer Review

With over thirty years of hands-on integrated geological and geophysical skills, and management of operated and new venture projects, we can add value through independent review of your prospects or strategic concepts; assisting asset and new business teams.

Technical and Managerial Support

Having a depth of skills through database creation, basin evaluation, prospect generation and strategy development, we can provide support throughout the exploration cycle and add value quickly and effectively.

International Data Room Evaluation

With experience on every continent and with multi-disciplinary skills, we can conduct quick and in-depth evaluations in data rooms, wherever they are located. Travel is welcomed.

Asset Marketing

We can lead or support efforts to sell or farm-down exploration acreage through critical re-appraisal of prospectivity and commercial opportunity. Independent evaluation, creation of marketing materials, presentations to potential farminees and operations transition support are available through Upstream Consultants.

Legacy Projects and Data

Working in a frontier basin, or no time to load data to a work station?  Back to basics with paper data, and never miss the critical information that rarely gets loaded to a work station, including QC of velocity data, mud logs shows, sample analysis and other information.


Project Management

From initial planning to implementation. We can design and execute an exploration project for existing assets or for a new business effort.

International New Business Advisory

With three decades of international business development experience in NW Europe, FSU, Eastern Europe, Africa, S Asia, SE Asia and Australasia, we have the contacts, global perspective and hands-on knowledge to support or provide leadership, based on technical and value metrics. Ground-floor licensing, farmins and asset valuations.

Start-up, Junior and mid-Cap Exploration Companies

Our services particularly complement smaller independent companies seeking to maximise the value of their existing portfolios and building asset bases and value. We are excited by such challenges and look forward to the opportunity to assist our clients in achieving their objectives.


We work with a network of consultants with specialisations in all aspects of exploration geoscience and can therefore offer a full-spectrum service to our clients. Please invite us to make a proposal for a project of any size and scope, from a data review to establishing an international new business office.

Upstream collaborates with selected providers to support governments in attracting investment to License Rounds and with energy corporations to facilitate asset divestments.
T: +44 756 112 7102